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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

wednesday in clinic

So today was a shorter day then what I expected but was still long.  In the past when kids get bused in they generally don't get here until around 11.  Today they got here earlier which was great for us.  We saw a few mildmay patients while waiting for the other children to get here.  Clinic was great today, we saw 71 children. 
Dr. Richmond and I saw some older patients this morning that were seen here in the past who showed up today with no cavaties.  That makes me feel good, knowing that maybe they learn something from us when they come to see us and return each year with no cavaties.

It is amazing that we all come from different offices in the states and can all come together and have such great team work and everyone works so efficiently.  We had a sterilizer that went down, however we got one from Dr. Rose who is a dentist here.  The guys are so good at fixing everything.  A few of them fixed some tricycles by welding them back together.  A few seats were broken on the tricycles and they were able to find some wood and saw some new seats for them.  It is incredible what they all do. 

There were a lot of heartbreaking patients today.  The one that sticks with me today was a 4 year patient who was very sick and had a whole mouth full of decay which most of the teeth were abcessed.  We had to do 15 extractions on her, leaving just 5 teeth left her mouth; 1 on top and 4 on the bottom.  She was in so much pain and her face was so swollen.  It was very sad.  It was like she was actually relieved to have her whole mouth numb because it took the pain away.  She was the sweetest little girl, and you could just see how happy and out of pain she was when we were done.

So on a brighter note, the fresh fruit here is amazing.  My favorite is the passion fruit!  Tonight we had fresh avacado for dinner which was delicious as well.

God is helping us do amazing things here.  Please keep praying for our safety and our health.  Also please pray that the children we are helping can find some peace and comfort in what we are doing for them.

Until next time! 

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